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About Us


Brightstar Strategy Group was founded with the goal of helping companies like yours empower businesses to drive positive change and growth. We sit at the intersection of financial growth strategies and customer insights analysis 


We help firms grow top-line revenues and bottom-line profits by providing tools, consulting services, and one-on-one profit coaching, based on proven strategies and techniques. 

Further, we use big data and AI to understand consumer sentiment for our clients. With the power of A.I., we mine and discover actionable intelligence straight from the digital voice of the people. We uncover consumer insights as they happen to help organizations make informed business decisions. 

Decisions must be based on knowledge, not on hunches.

Our Services

A Snapshot of What We Do 


BrightStar Strategy Group specializes in helping businesses maximize profits, identify areas of weakness and opportunities. We utilize our four-step process in evaluating financials, competition, operational analysis, and other key performance indicators.  A portion of the assessment is done on-site as just reviewing numbers doe not always give an accurate picture of the company.  This analysis is especially beneficial to franchisees, retailers, companies seeking acquisitions, and businesses facing financial difficulties.  Our process doesn’t stop after the initial analysis.  Our staff continues to provide support in executing strategies and changes necessary for profit and operational efficiencies. 



















We have the right tools to help you understand the mindset, attitudes, and behaviors of your customers. This is crucial to develop the right strategies needed to engage customers along the customer journey and ultimately, secure their loyalty.  We provide the right customer insights for you based on knowledge, not guesses, in order to grow your market share and in turn your bottom line. We take the insights learned and turn them into actions that can impact your bottom line. Our AI-Social Listening tools can help you understand your customer experience and their journey with your brand in real-time. This is all intended to retain valued customers and realize unprecedented growth. Further, we capture insights on brand perception and competitive intelligence. This deep-dive analysis can be targeted to specific geographical areas and customer segments.


Review of past and current
financial statements
inputting them into our
model and interpreting the

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Company policies,
procedures, quality of
employees, and work
processes reviewed 

Business Meeting
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Analyze competitors’
strengths and weaknesses
comparing to target

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Based on steps 1,2,and 3,
comprehensive analysis,
review, and action steps

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Success Stories
Our Team

Meet The Team


Marty Cunningham

Managing Partner, CEO

Marty is an expert in driving revenue and profit growth, financial analysis, strategic planning and change management.

He was a founding partner and president of The Servio Group for 25 years, a management consulting firm.

He has helped countless small and mid-size businesses dramatically improve their profitability and operational effectiveness.

In recent years, he has been a Managing Partner of BrightStar Strategy Group, based in NYC and Charleston, SC.

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Ken Kearns.jpg

Ken Kearns

Managing Partner, COO

Ken is a Managing Partner in BrightStar Strategy  Group.  He is an expert in financial review of businesses, development of business plans, and business start-ups. In the past 18 years, Ken started a new business that grew to $200 million in annual sales.  The business was sold at a premium in 2020.  His past experiences include 20 years of experience with a Fortune 100 company where he held positions in strategic planning, real estate, business operations, and training. Ken holds an MBA from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.

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Marcela Berland

Managing Partner and Chief Strategic Officer

Marcela is one of the leading corporate strategists in the United States and Latin America, She is an internationally recognized expert who has built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor and is widely recognized for her strategic insights, crisis management, strategic communications, and public affairs acumen. 

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Majed 1617625736087.jpg

Dr. Majed Yaghi

CPG Advisor 

Majed is a dynamic commercial executive with an extensive track record of delivering sustained revenue and volume growth in both emerging and established markets.
He has deep Fortune 100 experience across, CPG & restaurant sectors leading $500m+ commercial units. He has consistently out-performed industry-level growth rates in a range of international environments. A hands-on leader and mentor across complex sales & marketing teams, skilled in aligning cross-functional groups to execute on ambitious growth and expansion initiatives.

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Ellie Jay

Social Media Strategist

Ellie is a driven component of our team. Her experience entails significant social media and marketing contributions for recognized brands such as Latin Insights and Starfish. 

She is a distinguished social media, a digital marketer with a multitude of transferable skills. She has experience with website development as well as a lengthy background in client relations and social media management.

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Didem Ayturk

Branding Strategist

Didem is a highly accomplished, senior marketing and branding professional with broad digital and retail marketing experience including strategic planning, 360 campaign launch, social activation, and creative development.

She possesses a rich background in engineering, analytical, critical and forward-thinking, and creative leadership in a team environment. Proven to improve client relations and business performances.

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BrightStar Strategy Group

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