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Leading CPG (Consumer Product Goods) Company

CHALLENGE: The client wanted to understand the themes trending up and trending down for two of their legacy brands and one newly acquired brand. Also, provide real-time CX insights into their customer journey and Moment of Truth (That part of the journey that makes or breaks the experience)

METHODOLOGY: Using our AI Social Listening tools we monitored every customer signal for the 3 targeted brands across text, video, image, audio. We collected data on nearly every conversation that happened on the internet about their brand experiences (e.g. posts, comments, hashtags, etc)

RESULT: We provided instant customer feedback from across the internet, enabling our clients to understand and resolve customer issues before they bubble into a crisis.

The client improved their CX strategy with detailed customer journey insights. They were able to monitor buying signals and react to objections before they caused a bottleneck. They connected closer with your customers than ever before, with personalized and relevant content touchpoints.

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