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International Retail Convenience and Fuel Marketer

CHALLENGE: Assess representative retail stores for our clients international retail convenience and fuel sites to identify sales and profit improvement opportunities. Also, define distinct shopper groups that frequent these facilities to understand the customer purchase habits, motivations and behavior.

METHODOLOGY: Visited and evaluated 30 typical retail facilities across 6 geographical regions with our profit coach team and insights group to assess the state of these retail operations in the U.S.

Our objective was to identify profit and growth opportunities that could be applied across the client's entire retail chain and wholesale jobber operations. In addition, we created and managed a customer segmentation study to partition existing customers into finer segments, for the development of more relevant offers and promotions.

RESULT: Our client implemented a new retail pricing strategy, a cost control model, detailed expense analysis, a margin process across all product categories that significantly impacted retail profitability.

Additionally, we defined six different shopper groups, which the client used to better match their product offerings at variations in different retail markets.


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