Meet the Leadership Team


Marty Cunningham

Founder and CEO

Marty is an expert in strategic communications, consumer research, marketing insights and business growth strategies. He was a founding partner and president of The Servio Group for 25 years, a research and management consulting firm. Since then, he has been a Managing Partner in BrightStar Strategy Group and Latin Insights, both based in NYC.

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Marcela Miguel Berland

Managing Partner

Marcela is one of the leading political and corporate strategists in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. She is an internationally recognized expert who has built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor and is widely recognized for her strategic insights, crisis management, strategic communications, D&I, and public affairs acumen. 

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Jen Pike

Brand Advisor and Marketplace Strategy and Lead Advisor for

CPG Clients

Jen has over 20 years of business, brand, and marketing strategy experience. With proven leadership experience in large, mid-size, and start-up environments, she knows how to build teams, manage clients, and set strategies for growth.

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Peter Swanson

Performance-Based Benchmarks and Lead Advisor for Food and Beverage Clients

Peter is an internationally recognized executive with both domestic and international expertise in elevating distressed consumer product companies (CPG) into exceptional organizations. Peter has lived and worked in 6 international markets and has had hands-on experience in over 45 international markets. He  has consulted with numerous, leading CPG's and helped them understand their consumer preferences/motivations and map their go-to market strategies.

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Maher Mezher

Lead Advisor, Transforming Insights and Ideas to Innovation

Maher is regarded as one of the top experts in innovation and his ideas have been widely used throughout the world and is a sought-after Innovation

keynote speaker.

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