We have an impressive record of working for many innovative organizations, fortune 500 companies and nonprofits.


Multinational Petroleum


CHALLENGE: Develop and manage a segmentation study to define distinct shopper groups, that frequent the clients international retail convenience and fuel sites.

METHODOLOGY: Cluster Analysis, on-line Interviews, on-site audits, virtual focus groups and ethnographies. We partitioned existing customers into finer segments, for the development of more relevant offers and promotions.

RESULT: We defined six different shopper groups, which the client used to better match their product offerings at variations in different retail markets. Further, the client implemented a new retail product and pricing strategy, that significantly impacted retail profitability.


Cutting Edge Biotechnology Company

CHALLENGE: Repositioning a science and technology Leader to better communicate their sustainable product advantages. We were asked to conduct a customer insights study and develop a communications strategy, focusing on the repositioning of the Company to align with the current strategic direction.

METHODOLOGY: Social listening analytics, brand experience audit, online Interviews, on-site interviews, IDI’s, focus groups, and ethnographies.

RESULT: We delivered an actionable brand strategy, that included the brand value proposition, the brand positioning statement, the brand idea, and the brand manifesto (the brand story). The brand manifesto was built around the value proposition of the brand and provided a starting point for the development of a messaging campaign that we helped implement.

Prominent Foods

and Beverage Corporation

CHALLENGE: Our client asked us to deliver insights on the sustainable living actions that their consumer cohorts find most meaningful.

METHODOLOGY: We created and executed an online survey in 6 major metro markets across the U.S. and supplemented that with social listening analytics.

RESULT: Our insights helped the client guide its sustainability campaign and ensure that the actions at the heart of it were co-created by consumer stakeholders and thus resonated strongly among this key audience.


Leading U.S. Automotive Service and Repair Chain

CHALLENGE: Returning a Major Automotive Retailer to Profitability. The Company was recognized as an Automotive Repair Industry leader in Customer Satisfaction. Unfortunately, the chain had grown increasingly unprofitable. This was primarily as a result of a lack of understanding of their retail consumers purchase motivations and sensitivities.

METHODOLOGY: We conducted a series of online interviews, virtual focus groups, on-site consumer audits, and face-to-face interviews with customers past and present, as well as non-customers. Additionally, we interviewed retail site managers, service writers, and technicians.

RESULT: As a result of the insights we created, it was clear that consumers were most concerned about the quality of service and repairing their car right the first time and less sensitive about pricing. We were able to design a retail pricing and customer-first strategy, that returned the client to profitability, driven by an emphasis on delivering premier service at a fair price and margin.



Financial Services


CHALLENGE: The organization needed a culture review, as internal communications, attitudes, and job satisfaction amongst employees had deteriorated.

METHODOLOGY: Focus group sessions with diverse employee segments, in-depth interviews among top managers, and a confidential, managed employee survey.

RESULT: The study guided the organizations leadership in identifying key issues they were facing within their culture.

As a result, they created a pervasive people-centric culture and aligned programs, policies, and communications accordingly​.


Leading Consumer Product Goods Company

CHALLENGE: The company identified that over 40% of their product sales were generated thru convenience retail stores.  They asked us to create a segmentation model to identify which locations and retail chains, were most closely aligned with their product mix desired and target consumer segments.

METHODOLOGY:  In five select markets, we developed a consumer “hot-spot” segmentation model, based upon extensive on-site intercepts, on-line interviews, focus groups, and ethnographies.

RESULT: We delivered the “hot-spot” segmentation model for each of the five select markets, profiling which locations and retail chains were most closely aligned with their desired consumer segments and product mix.

After testing the model in each of the pilot markets, we expanded the application of model, so it could be used locally in each of the client’s major and minor metro markets. The model was used to highlight those retail sites that were more likely to benefit from promotional dollars invested.


Producer of Entertainment Products & Services

CHALLENGE: Our Client asked us to uncover consumer insights and the interests, preferences, and behaviors for select US cohorts. These insights will help in defining the customer experience.

METHODOLOGY: Online quantitative research, on-site interviews, focus groups, social listening analytics, and ideation sessions amongst select consumer segment thought leaders.

RESULT: We delivered to our client a targeted strategy based on the needs and preferences of each consumer segment. Our client’s perception of which cohort was most valuable changed dramatically as a result of our research.


Prominent International Beverage Manufacturer

CHALLENGE: Our client asked that we match their extensive product mix, with the preferences of their diverse consumer segments. Our mission was to define retail shopper segments and align their products mix with those specific segments.

METHODOLOGY:  Online Interviews, On-Site interviews, Shop Alongs, and Ethnographies.

RESULT: This work led to the development of a retail site model that helped our client implement new product plan-o-grams and drive new growth at various retail channels.


Global Mobile Navigation System Software Company

CHALLENGE: Although the client's product offer has great appeal to major retailers and consumer product good companies alike, these targets could not quantify the value proposition. The Client asked us to identify the prime target chains that match-up best with the client’s consumer profile (education, income, age, gender, etc.) and define/craft the cost-value proposition.

METHODOLOGY:  Ideation session with a panel of CPG and major retailer veteran industry players, who would help mold a collective solution and filter out ideas that won’t work.

We worked through an internal planning session to help the client package an offer that defines the value proposition for prospective customers.

RESULT: We had great success in the rollout of the end product co-developed with the client team. We teamed together and were able to negotiate several profitable deals with both CPG and retailer targets alike.


A Leading Nonprofit Membership Organization

CHALLENGE: Gauge how their members and prospective members, would react to messaging about the company’s involvement in natural disaster recovery work – including positive, neutral, and negative views. To identify potential themes, messages, and cues for a public campaign to tell our story that would be perceived as authentic.

METHODOLOGY:  Focus groups in select markets, customer (member) journey mapping, secondary research, analysis of competitor campaigns, ideation session with internal stakeholders and member panels, insights to action process, and application of social listening analytics.

RESULT: The resulting campaign resulted in elevated brand awareness, increased membership, and positioned the client as a trusted, philanthropic, and humanitarian focused organization. The client redefined their brand identity, that relies on the sum total of multiple branded touchpoints: culture, operations, products and services, sales, and marketing communications.