The focus of our pipeline accelerator and coaching process is helping our clients fast-track revenue growth and create value through relationship management, while disrupting patterns that prevent organizations from moving forward.


We help firms grow top line revenues by assessing existing strategies and tools, identifying the tools and skills that they team needs based on proven strategies and techniques, guiding the training and implementation of new tools and processes, and providing ongoing coaching and mentoring as needed. 


New Business Strategy and Goal Alignment

  • We evaluate the effectiveness of your current new business strategies and tactics

  • Examine the clarity, competitiveness and relevance of the Brand Positioning & Strategy

  • Assess the firm's current performance & metrics systems

  • Evaluate business development, sales and marketing team alignment with management.


Tool and Effectiveness Assessment

  • We evaluate the lead generation, CRM and Marketing Automation tools currently being employed

  • Examine the content development inventory and frequency of delivery

  • Determine the frequency and practices for re-engaging past clients

  • Evaluate marketing campaign execution

  • Assess revenue generation and pipeline tools effectiveness

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 8.07.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 8.07.35 PM.png

Skills and Execution 

  • We appraise the efficiency of strategic client management practices

  • Assess the current knowledge, skills and needs of the staff as well as the leadership responsible for growing new business and nurturing the relationships with existing clients

  • Plan an individualized program for refinement of skills, using proven tools to drive top-line growth

  • Create high performing teams by conducting one-on-one training, with monthly follow-up coaching

  • Facilitate and teach a rigorous business development processes with step-by-step implementation strategies


Lead Generation

  • We build rich client high value targets to drive prime lead processes

  • Enhance lead generation and qualification to create a strong network foundation

  • Facilitate the engagement of the rich network of connections and contacts that the firm presently has

  • Coach and mentor the people and the process, top to bottom, to ensure maximum impact and results

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